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Check this page often because zero down leases come and go frequently.On this web site we write about promotional car deals and incentives being offered month to month by car companies and their dealers.New cars sales soar as motorists are offered deals that. almost shockingly good finance deals.In fact, the newer ways are almost certain to get your better deals with less work and hassle.

This month there are just a few car makes and models with special car lease deals being offered with no money down.Knowing how to use incentives and rebates can save you thousands of dollars on a new car. New-Car Incentives and Rebates. vehicles ranging from zero to.As stated, the average rate at which cars are leased, not purchased, is about 25%.These are vehicles that offer a lot of value for the money, provide excellent gas mileage, and are cheap to insure.

We all know that we are required to have auto insurance on our cars to comply with state financial responsibility laws and, if we have a loan or lease, to meet finance company requirements.But rates can also be high for less expensive cars — because they are wrecked more often and have higher claim incidents — or are stolen more often.

In fact, young male drivers who buy these vehicles can expect to pay outrageous insurance rates — because the risk of having an accident and filing an insurance claim is very high.In other words, accepting the rebate gives you a lower monthly payment than the 0% loan.Then there are sites such as where you can get reviews, safety and reliability ratings, test results, discounted prices, and much more.You then go to your auto insurance company and are startled to find out that insurance coverage on that particular vehicle is higher than just about any other vehicle you could have bought — particularly if you are a teen or young adult.

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The conventional way to buy a new car was to visit a local new-car dealer or two, look over their inventory of vehicles, read the window sticker to learn about features and MSRP price, decide on a vehicle you like, maybe take a test drive, and then go discuss your possible purchase with a pushy sales person.On the other hand, Japanese and European brands continued to lease and are now the strongest in lease financing.When you purchase a car, price is the only factor that makes it a good deal or not — unless you finance the purchase with a loan, in which case loan interest rate is also important.A great car deal can actually be not such a great deal when insurance is considered.

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To many people, all car leases seem inexpensive because the monthly payment is always 40%-60% lower than comparable loan payments for the same car, same term.

Ideally, we want to choose a car with not only a good price and monthly payment, but also a good low insurance rate.The conclusion to be made here is that people with less-than-perfect credit scores would have a better chance of getting approved for a loan with an American car maker than with most foreign brands.Most automotive consumers do at least some research before buying a new car — checking prices and incentives, looking at styles and options, comparing mileage and safety ratings, noting reliability scores and reading reviews.

However, Toyota and Honda are showing signs of easing credit restrictions as well. ( Source: Automotive News ).Use the Internet to research the car you want, its options, color choices, features, and prices.Zero percent loan offers seem. which suggests that you can finance a car and pay no interest over the term.

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So, if you think you want to go with the 0% rate option be sure to check your current credit scores first.Manufacturers like BMW frequently offer low interest rate loans to new car buyers to help their dealers sell more.

A particular vehicle may be a good deal one month and no deal the next.Often, rebates are a better deal, especially if you need down payment money (rebates can be used as down payment cash).

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